100% Natural Food for Perth Pets

100% Natural Food For Perth Pets

Put your pet’s health in the hands of professional nutritionists


Established in 1965, Pet’s Meat Suppliers (PMS) is a family owned business situated in Mt. Hawthorn. We are dedicated to bringing pets in Perth the best in nutrition and taste. For over half a century, we have made sure your pets are well fed with 100% natural food. Contact us today to find out more.

What pets can expect

Investing in value is part of what we do. Our processing plant, located in Osborne Park, is where we manufacture our own pet meat. When we say “natural”, we mean 100% – with no preservatives or additives.

As qualified pet nutritionists, PMS are experts in Elimination Diets. These diets help alleviate and remedy both stomach problems and skin allergies. In addition to healthy pet food, we also offer professional advice, guidelines and recommendations for healthy maintenance diets for your dogs and cats.

Our store in Mt. Hawthorn caters to all your pet’s needs – this includes bedding, training crates, toys, collars, flea and worm treatments and much, much more.

Perks and promotions

Our store offers specials all year round, including a specialised service of gifts and free gift wrapping for that special occasion for your loving pet, because we love them just as much as you do. We offer a range of extra-care services for your beloved pets, including a Hydro Bath at our premises, pampering by Christine in our spa bath, and a blow dry service and nail trimming for those special occasions.

We take pride in giving friendly service and keeping your animal companion happy. Whenever possible, we get involved to make sure your pet is getting the best out of life, which is why we are also the proud sponsors of Pound Watch and the Swan Animal Haven.

Why pets love us
Perth pets love local quality. We manufacture our own smoke bone products, Bones R Us, which are also free of preservatives and additives. Even our Pig Ears are from a local producer.

Nutritious meals
Our meals, diets and dietary advice are all overseen by highly-qualified nutritionists.

All natural
The food we offer is 100% natural. Your pets will know and love the difference.

Contact us today for nutrient-packed, natural meals for your pets – do it for them.