The Elimination and Hypoallergenic Diet

Raw Meat

Together with the expertise of a Veterinarian Pet Nutritionist, we have formulated The Elimination Diet and Hypoallergenic Diet for pets with skin allergies and stomach sensitivities.

The concept behind this dietary process is that you begin by feeding your dog The Elimination Diet for a strict 4 – 8 week period. Here you will be eliminating what your pet could be allergic or sensitive to which could be dietary or environmentally related. After this period, it is recommended to proceed with the next stage of the dietary process – The Hypoallergenic Diet.

This next stage, The Hypoallergenic Diet, is a complete and balanced diet that has added vitamins and minerals. This diet will allow your pet to maintain and control their allergies or sensitivities.

  • There are one variety of the diet – Kangaroo and Sweet Potato.
  • It is advised that you stay on only one type of protein during the process.
  • Conveniently packed in 600 gram microwavable containers.
  • $7.50 – 500gms
  • BUY BULK & SAVE 5KG 10X 500gms $70.00.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY – You may like to purchase the ingredients separately for you to prepare at home.

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