The importance of oral and dental care for dogs and cats

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As pet owners, we go to great lengths to make sure our furry friends are as happy and healthy as they can be. However, did you know? 4 out of 5 dogs and cats over the age of three years develop some form of dental disease. This area of health continues to be missed or often forgotten about by owners, who are otherwise very proactive about their pets’ health.

The key to your pets’ oral health starts from what you feed them – and the culprit is often the processed “kibble” that many owners are feeding their pets. Tartar build up, bacterial infection and chronic disease are only a few of the nasty effects caused by improper diet and can be silently affecting your pet without you even knowing.

Simply, swapping your pet’s diet from a dry “kibble” to a raw food diet can transform your pet pal’s oral hygiene – and overall health! A natural, raw food diet of fresh meat, raw bones plus all the good stuff, is what your pet needs to naturally maintain their teeth and gums – and Pets Meat Suppliers are here to help you do just that.


The importance of oral hygiene for your pet
Today, more pets suffer from oral-related issues than from any other health problem and one of the biggest causes of this is the buildup of tartar. This periodontal disease accumulates within your pet’s mouth creating irritated gums and gingivitis, often due to their improper diet of “kibble”, which is inadequately cleaning their mouth or maintaining oral hygiene. The highly concentrated grains, sugars, and carbohydrates are hidden within processed pet food and are “sticking” to your pet’s teeth, rather than cleaning them in the process.
Although many pet owners think they are doing it right by having their pet’s teeth cleaned on a yearly basis, this is a costly procedure and sometimes necessary. Therefore a good oral hygiene plan is best to be put into place before the damage is done. Hence a change in diet.

Please Note: Some pets cannot tolerate bones to help clean their teeth, therefore there are other ways and products that will help keep up good dental and gum care for your pets.

The benefits of a raw diet
Feeding your pet a raw diet is the most effective way to help improve and prevent oral diseases and even reverse some existing damage. Good quality pet meats are a rich source of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, and protein, and will have no preservatives or additives that can negatively impact the health of your pet. The natural enzymes of raw food help to break down plaque build-up and protect the teeth and gums, preventing food from getting stuck in your pet’s teeth which will harden into tartar. Similar to how a toothbrush works, a raw diet acts like a natural dental abrasive which helps prevent plaque formation, dental cavities, gingivitis, and even bad breath!

Tip: Try one of our Frozen Bones for your pet to chew. Particularly for dogs, pets enjoy gnawing at bones, so while it promotes good mental health, it also helps to keep tartar build-up at bay. The chewy meat and hard cartilage and bone will assist in scraping any plaque build-up that may be present in your pet’s mouth, keeping your furry companion’s oral health in top-notch condition. Pets Meat Suppliers offers a range of preservative-free chew bones that any dog would love!

Just how we humans make sure to brush our teeth twice a day, preventative dental care is just as important for your furry friend. Feeding your pet a raw diet that they were biologically designed to eat can have a significant impact on your pet’s oral health. From preventing tooth decay to getting rid of that bad breath, raw meat is the fastest and easiest way to support your pet’s dental health. Here at Pets Meat Suppliers, our highly qualified and extensively trained nutritionists make sure we provide you only the highest standard of raw pet meats to help support and boost your pet’s oral hygiene and overall health.

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-April 2021

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